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How will this differ from existing databases like IMDb and Halliwells?
This will be an academic database aimed at university students of film and their professors/lecturers. It is intended that the directory will also increase the diversity of analyses in media studies courses.


What makes the directories academic?
The directory is intended to be an academic review of cinema, separating synopsis (objective description) and (subjective) critique. Most contributors to the directory will be scholars and students of film. The directory is intended to play a part in the distribution of academic output, and in building a forum for the study of film from a disciplined theoretical base.


Will they be peer reviewed?
Each entry in the print and PDF versions will be reviewed by at least two editors before it is published in a volume. However, there will be entries in the online database that might not be reviewed.


Will the directories be comprehensive?

With about 300 pages, each volume will be limited in its coverage to what the editor considers worthy and significant. However, over the years both the cumulative print versions as well as the larger online version will become a cumulatively comprehensive reference source not only of descriptions of films, but also of the academic study of them within a theoretical framework.

What incentive will there be to contribute to the database?
Each contributor whose entry is published will receive a free copy of that volume. Their biography will also published within the volume, giving them recognition among their peers.


Will a royalty on sales be enough incentive for editors? Or will they be able to use it towards their research out put?
There will be a small amount of income from royalties. The editors’ contributions in the form of their introductory essay will qualify for inclusion in the UK's RAE/REF and other kinds of assessment of academic output. Their editorship will also act as an indication of ‘playing a leading role’ within their academic community – a factor in promotion board consideration.


Will images be included? Are there copyright issues?

Yes, contributors will be able to upload still images or links to moving images stored elsewhere. We will have a relaxed attitude to copyright (similar to YouTube) for the online database, while we will try and establish normal clearance for inclusion in print.


How will information be kept up-to-date?

The pre-print database will be an organic entity that will be kept up to date by its users. The printed volumes and the print PDFs will remain static after publication, as an archive.


Is the editor of each volume ultimately responsible for the database entries related to their region/genre?

The editors will not be responsible for checking each entry. As with other Intellect publications, we are ‘author-centered’ and expect a lot from our editors who will own their volume and lend it their voice! Each editor is responsible for checking the content of the printed volume, which may or may not include entries from the database.  As and when an editor gets the chance to edit an entry in the database, their name will appear in that record. However, at any time there will be a lot more records that are awaiting the attention of an editor, and the absence of an editor’s name in a film review will indicate its pre-review status to the reader.


What happens to films which cannot easily be classified, or which cross several genres?

It is true that classifying the chapters based on film genre is not an appropriate approach for some national cinemas, since it may be difficult to classify some local films into specific genres. Any national cinema has its own film culture, and may include cinematic terms that are not found in American or European film culture or in Western film criticism.
Therefore, we leave it to the editor of the volume to make a judgment call based on consultation with Intellect staff. This means that each volume will have a different set of chapter titles reflecting what constitutes the genres in that country’s cinema. However, we are not anticipating that each volume to be dramatically different from the main template. In most cases the local name for a Genre (say Film Jaheli in Iranian cinema) may be a variation of a more generic genre (such as Bio Epic). Our aim is to find a balance between the diversity of local cinemas, and the underlying unity of world cinema.


Does a review need to be a newly written for the directory, or can we use existing material?

Existing material can be used, but the author needs to be willing to re-submit it to us for entry in the directory, and to make any changes needed for it to be fit for this new purpose.


Can the author of a review also be the main editor of the volume?



If the directory is not comprehensive and users search for seminal films and find that they’re not listed, will this put them off using the directory?

We shall make every effort to include most seminal films in at least one format of the directory, but we can’t promise complete coverage.


Will the print volumes be sold through bookstores? To libraries?

Yes, the print volumes will be available for sale to bookstores, libraries and directly to individuals.