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We plan to publish a series of printed volumes covering the following world regions:

    * Africa
    * American – Hollywood
    * American – Independent
    * Arab
    * Australia/New Zealand
    * Britain
    * Canada
    * China
    * East Europe
    * France
    * Germany
    * Iran
    * India
    * Italy
    * Japan
    * Russia
    * Spain
    * South America / Brazil
    * Sweden
    * Turkey
    * Rest of the World (including Israel, Korea, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, etc.)

The present structure of each film entry for all 3 components of the project, is as follows:

    * English Title*
    * Original Title
    * Country of Origin
    * Year*
    * Language
    * Studio
    * Director*
    * Producer/s
    * Screenplay / Writer
    * Cinematographer
    * Art Director
    * Editor
    * Runtime
    * Genre
    * Starring / Cast
    * Image/s
    * Other information (with optional detail such as Format, Awards, Box Office Stats, Distributor, Availability etc.)
    * Synopsis (for plot information) 100–200 words
    * Critique (for reviewer judgment) 300–600 words (including Further Reading Links)
    * Author of this review*
    * Editor for this review

(items with a star * after them above are compulsory to begin with, while others can be added at a later date) 

The pre-print online database will be a free access repository where anyone will be able to add a film entry. Editors will be able to edit entries related to their region or genre. They will be able to use the database to source material for the print and PDF components of the project. Intellect staff will be able to edit all entries. Readers will be able to search the pre-print online database using any of the fields indicated above. They will also be able to leave comments/feedback for an entry, but not change it.

Our provisional publication schedule for the volumes is:

    * 4 volumes in 2010 (starting with Japan in the Spring)
    * 6 volumes in 2011
    * 12 volumes from 2012 onwards